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Mentor Coach Certification Program


Certification: 36 CCE

Date : May 16-19 , 2024

Time: 9:00am-5:00pm Lunch: 12:30pm-2:00pm

Fee: RMB 29800 (excluding meal and accommodation)

Trainer: Leda Turai Petrauskiene MCC

Venue:  Shanghai




This course is designed for ICF credentialed coaches, who:

● seek to become mentor coaches 

● offer mentor coaching for their peer

● want to apply for or renew an ICF credential

● want to get feedback in order to improve the quality of their coaching practice

● want to pursuit or renew an ICF credential

● want to engage in a thorough practical developmental process with a group of coaches



The course is made up of:

●   36 CCE

●   7 hours of practice with peers



Learning outcomes:

●   understand the role of the mentor coach

●   learn, practice and develop the mentoring skills and competencies

●   gain a more thorough understanding of the ICF coach competencies at ACC, PCC and MCC levels

●   gain a more thorough understanding of the ICF PCC-markers

●   engage in peer mentoring and coaching practice, insightful discussions

●   reflect and gain feedback on own coaching and mentoring practice

●   observe various peer coaching and mentoring demonstrations and provide efficient and empowering evidence-based development feedback

●   participate in ongoing peer practice

●   experience coaching and mentoring from different peers

●   become a much better and more confident professional coach

●   be well-prepared to pass successfully an ICF credentialing assessment

●   become a skilful mentor coach

●    gain your group mentor coaching hours for ICF credentialing or for the renewal of your existing credential




- ICF Past Global President

- ICF Past Global Board of Chair,Vice Chair

- ICF Lithuania Chapter President 

Trainer: Leda Turai  (MA,MSc,MCC)

· Over 15 years of international work experience in profit and non-profit organizations and academic settings

· Various leadership roles and experience in local and global organizations across continents

· Currently she is a visiting lecturer at ISM Executive School MBA program, a leadership Development partner at UAB L-CON Global, partner at the Management Institute of Finland, trainer at Coaching Development (UK) and PEMI (China).

· Leda has worked in the field of human development, organizational development and communication since 1997 in several countries across different generations and cultures in 5 languages.

· In 2006, awarded one of the highest presidential awards, the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary for developing and facilitating cultural and economical relationships between Hungary and Lithuania

· A 100% track record as a mentor coach. All her mentees at all credentialing levels passed all their ICF assessments at first trial. During the last two years 40 mentees got their MCC credentials.


Registration Info.

●   Requirements for participation:At least ACC credential (or in the process of ACC credentialing)

Date : May 16-19 , 2024

Time: 9:00am-5:00pm Lunch: 12:30pm-2:00pm

Fee: RMB 29800 (excluding meal and accommodation)

Trainer: Leda Turai Petrauskiene MCC

Venue: Shanghai