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Mastering Group Coaching

Date:Oct 8-9 ,2024
Fee:9800 RMB/person

Early Bird: 8800RMB/person

                  exclude food and accommodation 

Trainer: Leda Turai  MCC




Individual, group, and team coaching share common aspects in terms of coaching purpose, mindset, and competencies. However, they also exhibit significant differences. Being proficient in individual coaching does not guarantee the ability to coach groups effortlessly. Similarly, working with groups differs from working with teams, as they are distinct entities. Thus, we have three distinct modalities.


Having already provided trainings in individual coaching and team coaching competencies, we now introduce a new training and experience. We are excited to offer a 1.5-day program for coaches seeking to broaden their experience and seize new business opportunities. Group coaching presents an excellent opportunity to scale your practice by acquiring the skills to efficiently manage and expand your group coaching endeavors. This will enable you to reach and positively impact a larger number of individuals while upholding quality and value.



  • Increased Reach: Multiply your impact by coaching multiple individuals in a single session, positively transforming more lives while optimizing your time.
  • Diverse Perspectives: Engage with a diverse group of individuals, each bringing unique experiences and insights. Foster a rich and dynamic coaching environment that fuels growth and transformation.
  • Enhanced Learning: Tap into the power of collective knowledge as participants learn from each other's challenges, successes, and perspectives. This fosters accelerated growth and personal development.
  • Community and Support: Cultivate a sense of community among your coaching clients, allowing participants to build relationships, provide mutual support, and foster accountability for achieving their goals.
  • Financial Rewards: Group coaching offers an opportunity to generate higher revenue streams, providing a sustainable and scalable business model that elevates your financial success.




  • Exploring the disparities between coaching individuals and coaching groups.
  • Understanding the definition and components of group entities.
  • Developing essential skills and techniques for effective group coaching sessions, ensuring dynamic and engaging experiences for all participants.
  • Mastering group dynamics expertise: navigating group dynamics, fostering supportive environments, and facilitating collaboration among diverse individuals with varied goals and needs.
  • Recognizing different types of groups and identifying the groups suitable for your coaching expertise.
  • Comprehending the process of group coaching and crafting tailored group coaching engagements by acquiring the knowledge to design and deliver customized coaching programs that cater to the unique challenges and aspirations of each group, thereby maximizing their growth potential.
  • Embracing the benefits of group coaching by expanding your toolkit with strategies to optimize coaching outcomes in a group setting. Leveraging the power of peer learning, accountability, and collective wisdom.
  • The reasons why group coaching can be more interesting and beneficial than individual coaching, both for the coach and the clients.



-ICF Past Global Board of Chair, Vice Chair

-ICF Advanced Certification in Team     Coaching (ACTC)

-Head of Leadership Module of the EMBA 

  program at the ISM Executive School

-Trainer at Coaching Development   (London)  and PEMI (China)

-Awarded with Knight’s Cross of the Order of    Merit of the Republic of Hungary



Trainers:  Leda Turai MCC

Leda has 20 years of international work experience in profit and non-profit organisations and academic settings.Leda has worked in the field of human development, organisational development and communication since 1997. She has worked in many countries across generations and cultures, communicating in five languages.She has years of experience working with the financial sector, supporting banks and other industries in robust change processes during and after the financial crises.She has conducted extensive research in the field of human resource development and corporate coaching, sharing her findings to make various types of leadership approaches and coaching interactions more effective and sustainable.


The Learning Process


Fee:9800 RMB/person

Early Bird: 8800RMB/person, 

                 exclude food and accommodation


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